The risk of wildfire

Private owners, insurance professionals, architects, builders … these trainings are for you.

Peri-urban housing estates, second homes, public facilities, campsites … we are more and more living in the Wildland-Urban Interface and concerned with wildfires.

The risk of wildfire

Trapped population in residential area, Mati, Greece, 2018 (Image REUTERS / Costas Baltas)

When the conditions are unfavorable and the incidents multiple, emergency services will have to prioritize whether rescuing people or protecting hundreds of dwellings, kilometers of roads and hectares of forest on fire at the same time. It happened in Australia in 2019-2020 as well as in Europe in Greece in 2018, Portugal in 2017 and in France in 2016.

Increase your preparedness for a wildfire incident you and your home would be faced with.

WARUCENE and its team offer training adapted to your own situation…

Training sessions put you in situations of wildfire and we work with you through all aspects of a good preparation.

  • How to be well prepared when wildfire occurs?
  • What behaviors to adopt for your own safety?
  • How to build well your construction project?
  • How to manage your landscape around your home?
  • How to prepare your community?

All are questions to resolve for increasing your resilience against wildfire.

These training courses are carried out by firefighters and foresters with extensive experience in fires.

WARUCENE, in partnership with public services, is also developing innovative projects to develop awareness-raising tools.