Protect your buildings against wildfire

Architect, builder, urban planner, your development project is in a wildfire prone area ?

Private owner, is your home, your company threatened by wildfire?

Warucene supports your project towards fire resilience.

Our experts, firefighters, scientists and foresters, have solid experience in wildfires.
They guide you on:

  • Compliance with administrative rules: Local Prevention Plans about the Risk, Urban Plan, forestry and environmental code, construction and housing code…
  • The best location to limit the risk.
  • Brush clearing: how to comply with legal obligation (/ Mandatory regulation) to clear brush.
  • Solutions to keep a great landscape who can meanwhile slow fire progression…
  • Building materials, what is the best choice in your situation.
  • Mitigating vulnerabilities of your building: what to do to secure technical rooms containing inflammable substance, doors and windows, parking lots, etc.
  • Innovative solutions: start integrate new solutions with home automation, sensors, automatic spraying…

Protect your buildings against wildfire

We support all types of projects: housing, office buildings, industrial facilities or sensitive installations. Our goal is to make your building “self-resistant” to wildfire, protecting its occupants and sensitive areas, even if in panic they don’t have the good reactions.

We also offer training to acquire the good reflexes.

Prevent wildfire training