The fire specialists

On February 12, 2020, the steering committee for the integrated use of fire in France, convened on the initiative of the Entente Valabre and the Lycée of Bazas, and entrusted Warucene with the management and animation of its network.

This network of practitioners specializing in the prevention of wildfire and the management of natural areas has existed for 30 years. Today, it brings together 560 representatives from the agricultural sector, firefighters and foresters from 39 French departments.

Italian and Spanish from Catalonia teams also collaborate.

Prescribed burnings network
When properly used, fire is an essential tool used in the south of France, Europe and all over the world to reduce biomass.

The French network therefore supports two actions:

  • The use of fire, by prescribed burning, for the management of wildfire prone areas, in order to reduce the fuel in “strategic areas”, on the edge of or inside forest stands
  • The use of fire by livestock breeders and shepherds for pasture opening, in order to prevent wild and uncontrolled fires in sensitive areas,
Fire specialists

Group photo of the XXIX meetings held in Florac in Lozère in 2019

Network objectives

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Experience sharing
  • Training development
  • This network aims to be a platform for sharing experience and knowledge between researchers, development agencies and managers in order to oversee the use of managed fire and implement it satisfactorily.

Throughout the year, the network

  • Advises new or remobilized teams by suggesting skills to mobilize from the network
  • Responds to requests for information and disseminate “news”
  • Maintains the directory of network members
  • Helps candidate teams to host Annual Meetings
  • Fosters the emergence of thematic working groups

In 2020, the network annual meeting will focus on “smoke management”

How to limit pollution and how to use fire when the smoke dispersion parameters are favorable?

Smoke work infographic