Warucene, our vision

For thousands of years, Australian aborigines have maintained their environment with the aim of “maintaining the riches of the Earth for future generations” … A way of life guided by ecology and resilience.

Fire (WARU) was not an enemy but a tool. The aborigines spread this fire over the territory, using a stick, in small areas, as soon as the conditions were suitable.

They thus maintained an open and prosperous landscape, not conducive to extreme and devastating fires as today.

Aboriginal representation

Returning to a situation where we live with and adapt to wildfire (WARUCENE), rather than live under the threat of it , this is our vision.

In the context of the 21st century, to move from theory to practice, we can act on three levers.

Three levers of action

  1. Limit combustible vegetation that spreads the fire
  2. Preparing citizens to react properly
  3. Strengthen buildings’ capacity to resist and protect people from wildfires

For its missions, Warucene relies on a network of widely experienced practitioners and on partners with whom we have developed a relationship of trust.

Beyond our missions, we defend several values:

  • Preservation of biodiversity
  • Fight against global warming and climate change
  • Equality and sharing

Warucene Values