Control burning services

Warucene and its team of firefighters and foresters are trained and experienced in the use of fire, and carry out control burning for you.

Professional agricultural control burning
Why a control burn?

A control burn or managed fire is about burning the shrubby vegetation, without cutting it and without degrading the soil. It consists in conducting a fire managed and controlled throughout the operation.

For livestock breeders, this opens up the land and restore pastures.

For private owners and industrial sites, it can be a tool for clearing large areas, and mitigating the risk of wildfire.

In parks and natural reserves, this traditional technique is used to promote the regeneration of biodiversity, by opening land.

It is often the most economical way of clearing. In some locations (swamps or steep mountain areas), this is the only way available.

We operate in all types of environment/land, in France and beyond.


We carry out the prescribed burn in compliance with regulations.

We prepare the safety of the site and the clearing of edges.

We operate when the weather conditions are favorable: the level of humidity, direction of the wind, temperature and dryness of the vegetation are taken into account.

The fire is continuously guided and controlled.

Controlled fire expert

Our specialists work in teams of 3 to 6 depending on the size and complexity of the situation. We have all appropriate tools: torches, protective gear, extinguishing and communication equipment. If necessary, we can also mobilize a tank truck.

Several dozen hectares can be treated in one day.

As the appropriate period is limited to a few weeks a year, remember to contact us several months in advance. We will thus prepare the operation with you, under the best conditions.