Wildfires increasingly threaten our habitats and societies.

By being better prepared, better protected, we can however live with fire, rather than suffer from it.

Our team is made up of firefighter officers and senior foresters with a scientific background and solid experience in managing fires, in France and abroad.

We support you for:

Protecting buildings

We support your construction or rehabilitation projects in wildfire-prone areas:

  • Audit: we survey the extent of your buildt premises in their environment and evaluate the best way to protect these from wildfires.
  • Regulations : we support your project with regards to regulatory obligations concerning wildfires.
  • Innovative protective solutions: from the most basic to the most advanced, we find with you the best solutions for your projects.

Prepare to face a wildfire

The right reflexes in the event of a disaster must be repeated in advance.

We offer short training courses, with practical sessions adapted to your concerns, in relation to your environment/property.

Prescribed and controlled burnings

Warucene runs the French network of users of prescribed fire: nearly 600 people coming from various sectors: firefighters, foresters and agricultural institutions in France.

Our experts, qualified in prescribed burning activity, also carry out prescribed burns in the field with livestock breeders and naturalists, to maintain open environments/lands and to manage wasteland.

Fire professionnals

They trust us

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